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About Us

N&C Engineering Limited is a duly registered company under the laws of Kenya, CAP 486 of the Companies Act, Revision 2015.

We are endowed with experience in electrical engineering works and services, EPC scope of works, mechanical engineering works and services, technical design and support, as well as energy and general maintenance works. 

Our Vision

To be a respected and preferred provider of engineering services in Kenya.

Our Mission

To deliver innovative and reliable engineering solutions to our clients and partners. 

Our Scope

We have the technical competency to provide solutions in the following areas: 


a) The design, supply, installation, and maintenance of:

  • Power backup systems, including diesel generators, solar inverters, and UPS systems.

  • Water pumps (Centrifugal water pumps). 

  • Motors, of all types and sizes depending on the application area. 

  • Fire suppression equipment.

  • Air conditioning and reticulation systems. 

  • Refrigeration and cold storage systems, for both domestic and commercial applications. 

  • Electrical switch gear, for both domestic and industrial sites. 

  • Electrical utilities, particularly LV and MV utility networks.


b) General maintenance and renovation works, such as painting, masonry, roofing, tents, plumbing, and all building services. 


c) Electromechanical control and automation. We specialize in VFDs, PLCs, motor starters, logic controllers, HMIs, and microcontrollers. 


d) Plant inspection and verification, which includes works on              installed mechanical plants, where we determine system safety and performancewith reference to OEM standards. 


e) Electrical inspection and verification, where we determine system safety and supply quality parameters on installed electrical systems. 


f) Hotel engineering and maintenance services, which include hood cleaning, laundry equipment servicing, kitchen equipment servicing and pool maintenance. 

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